Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pathetic little Drew

This is little loser Drew.  He obviously can't satisfy a woman so he has turned into a good little cock sucker!  He loves BBC and takes it all!  

He is a TOTAL LOSER!  

Just Look at him.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

I'm addicted...

I Love to tease sooo much!
Seeing a man look at me and then get hard is such a turn on for me!

This past week I was very naughty and had fun with a guy at Walmart!
HaHa He and his wife were shopping.  We were standing in the candle isle when I noticed that she wasn't really paying attention to him so...  I bent over and gave him a little peak.  It wasn't a quick one either!  When I stood up and turned around he was staring right at me.  I quickly looked down and saw he had a major hard-on!  LOL

I swear that just makes me so fuckin WET!  I just smiled at him and walked away.  Now we all know what he was thinkin about the rest of the day and I'm sure that night!


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